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Beverly Blake, the 'Blonde Comet," and the daughter of a tire-manufacturer, gets behind the wheel of a race-car, and is soon tearing up the tracks and winning races in Italy, France and Germany (obviously prior to 1938 when those countries were no longer running international car races in Europe.) She comes back to race on American tracks. She meets Jim Flynn, another race-driver, and a rivalry is created, along with a romance. Beverly gives up her chance to win THE BIG RACE by letting Jim race her car and he wins. His win also means a triumph for the racing-car carburetor he has invented and also for the tires manufactured by her father. It may have been somewhat of a setback for Women's Liberation, though.
Spunky female champion race car driver Beverly Blake (winningly played by the pretty Virginia Vale) returns to the United States to participate in various major American races after fairing well in assorted big race events in Europe. Back in America Beverly strikes up a romance with gruff rival Jim Flynn (a solid performance by Robert Kent).<br/><br/>Director William Beaudine, working from a compact script by Martin Mooney, relates the familiar, yet still engrossing and entertaining story at a snappy pace, nicely captures the fierce competitive nature of the racetrack milieu, and makes neat copious use of stock footage of car race events held all over the world. The sturdy acting by the capable cast holds this picture together: Barry Oldfield as a no-nonsense pit boss, Vince Barnett as bumbling mechanic Curly, William Halligan as Beverly&#39;s supportive father Cannonball Blake, Joey Ray as the unscrupulous Red, Red Knight as the easygoing Tex, and Diana Hughes as Beverly&#39;s sweet Swedish assistant Jennie. Jack Greenhalgh&#39;s competent black and white cinematography makes cool use of fades and dissolves. Worth a watch.
The first professional racing car driver goes up against an arrogant macho race car driver, and sparks fly, both romantically and on the road. Tons of racing stock footage pads out this &quot;one shot&quot; William Beaudine directed poverty row action thriller which, added with some (very little) newly filmed plot scenes, makes for an acceptable, if not totally memorable, second feature. Virginia Vale is perky, feisty and determined as the title character, with Robert Kent adding equal determination as he tries to take her down a notch yet still smother her with kisses. Comedy is added through both of their assistants, hers an earthy Swedish immigrant named &quot;Yenny Yorgenson&quot; (Diana Hughes), and his a balding Walter Brennan type named Curly (Vince Barnett). The best scenes of the newly made film involves Vale&#39;s attempts to get through the deliberate blockade Kent has set up so he can practice his own racing (with Barnett standing by), and later when they first encounter each other and romance ensues between Hughes and Barnett over the purchase of some soda pop. It&#39;s pretty obvious what is stock footage and what is plot footage (part of the stock footage is used to narrate what happened at the previous year&#39;s top race), but skillfully blended together, it comes out a fairly enjoyable match.

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