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Although I normally try to skip generalizations, I would not doubt to say that &quot;Periodistas&quot; is one of the best Spanish TV-Series ever. I was an avid viewer at the time it was broadcast, and now that it&#39;s finished I miss it so much. New series have come and gone, but I still have fond memories of this outstanding series that portrayed the lives of the staff of a fictional newspaper. <br/><br/>Brilliantly written, directed and acted, &quot;Periodistas&quot; suffered mostly from pivotal cast members gradually abandoning the series to pursue a successful career in cinema or theatre. Thus, Amparo Larrañaga, José Coronado, Pepón Nieto, Joel Joan, María Pujalte and Esther Arroyo all abandoned the series, leaving just a few of the original cast members in the last season. Great performances from Alicia Borrachero or Alex Angulo still maintained the high standards of the series, but the heart and soul of the series was lost when José Coronado left. Judging from his latter choices (both &quot;Código fuego&quot; and &quot;Los 80&quot; were failures), maybe he could have stayed for a little longer.<br/><br/>In any case, &quot;Periodistas&quot; always managed to entertain audiences with high quality writing, directing and acting. Clearly an example to be followed by many recent TV-series. <br/><br/>Overall rating: 9/10
It&#39;s a really good series, you are involved in what these people do, and the problems they have to solve. Every time they have to look for interesting news for the newspaper, they get trapped in a new and exciting problem, that they always solve. Normally it&#39;s not a continuing story, I mean, if you miss an episode it doesn&#39;t matter at all, because they are different stories in different episodes.

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